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  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Takeshi Kovacs has woken up in a world where his whole life is just a page in a history textbook. And he's the loser on this page. In the future, humanity has learned to preserve the consciousness of the individual on special media – stacks. With their help, it became possible to quickly move between planets from different systems, or, for example, eternal life. But eternal life for a criminal is an endless conclusion. After a quarter of a Millennium Kovacs gets a chance to freedom. Billionaire Lawrence Bancroft was killed. To be more precise, one of the businessman's stacks was eliminated. First of all Lawrence is interested in the identity of the criminal. Thanks to the untold riches a man has secured immortality. Resurrected, he demands retribution. But neither the police nor the investigators hired by him can understand who became the murderer. Moreover, the rich are trying to convince that his stack committed suicide, although he does not believe it. Then Kovac appears on the stage – the last of the Invoices, insightful and cunning. Lawrence believes that only Kovacs the strength to understand what happened. But the hero of the series "modified carbon" is not eager to do this business, because Takeshi have to look for answers, which many would have kept silent in a world where he had no place.

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