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In today's world, there are situations when negotiations are not an option. On violence the answer can be - only force. The actions of fanatic terrorists carrying death require the intervention of special units.British experts SAS, "seals" - a well-known force. The activities of the Indian "Black cats" and the Russian team "alpha"are less covered. But their work is equally associated with great risk. Professionals do not have the right to make mistakes. Almost always, the lives of many hostages or serious political consequences are at stake.The story of the secret special forces, orders which give the government of their countries. The audience will learn the details of various dramatic operations related to the intervention of the military, special forces. Participants of events tell how there was a capture or neutralization of terrorists. Real events are recreated with the help of pyrotechnics, computer graphics.You will see how the hostages were released from the theater in Moscow, there was a seizure of terrorists in the Bombay hotel "Taj Mahal", learn how the murder of Osama bin Laden…