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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The main character is the head of the police Department and easily unravels the most difficult cases. However, the man has a disgusting character, and at work he is kept only because of his experience and professionalism. Detective often rude to his subordinates, foul language and drink alcoholic beverages. His appearance also does not have to communicate: the hero of the series "Backstrom" does not like to shave, is overweight, and his face is constantly visible sullen grimace. The fact is that he had a difficult childhood – his father beat him, and the neighborhood boys constantly laughed, as a result of an ordinary child grew up a man with a pronounced hatred of all others. However, all these shortcomings did not prevent the hero to become a talented police officer and gather a team of like-minded people. They are quite seasoned and friendly. Here you can meet an ambitious girl, a timid beginner, a boring policeman and other characters. But all of them far from the genius of his boss, so they are forced to obey his instructions and depend on the mood of a misanthrope. In each series, the characters will have to deal with mysterious incidents and criminal stories, so the investigation will need to use non-standard methods. And every time a wayward policeman will deftly find evidence and refute the most compelling alibis, drinking beer between cases and Smoking a cigarette. The detective will prove to the whole city that he is worthy of the title of the best, but how long will the authorities turn a blind eye to his extravagant antics?

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