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The name of the film in an ironic form conveys its essence, alluding to the apogee reached by human civilization. We see that the end of childhood comes – the time when people living on Earth did not find another intelligent life in space. And now, when they invaded the planet, great changes are coming... Alien invasion, shown in the film, will completely turn the audience's ideas about contact with aliens, because they arrived on our planet C... peace! An overbearing voice that appeared out of nowhere at the usual summer noon is heard by every inhabitant of the Earth. The voice is called Caroline, a creature who acts as the guardian of the planet. Carolyn talks about the imminent invasion, but convinces his listeners that it will bring people only prosperity: will disappear all known diseases of medicine, stop the war, and people will cease to commit violence in any form. The alien guests are offered for people the coming of the "Golden century", through which our civilization will get a huge boost in development. But do not forget that gold – a color that represents not only the dawn but also the sunset. And the good intentions of the "peaceful invaders" can change at any time, and people will be completely unprepared for this...

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