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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The main character, a middle-aged man named John, is a respected doctor and for many years of his work has gained a reputation as an honest and responsible professional. His life can be called measured and established, the doctor's career is uphill, and soon he thinks about creating a family. But the unexpected incident changes all plans of the man and forces him to rethink a lot of things.
Once the hero of the series "Complexity" was walking down the street and happened to see the stranger going to kill the boy-African American. Without thinking twice, John rushed to rescue the defenseless child, he instinctively took out the gun and shot at criminals. The man managed to finish with all attacking, they were killed, and the boy remained whole and safe. However, the hero's adventures are just beginning, because he intervened in the criminal showdown of the leaders of criminal groups. Mafiosi declare a real war on him, but the man is not going to retreat and intends to continue to protect the black child. The doctor puts aside his professional and personal problems, now his main task is to protect the boy. Gradually, a close relationship is established between them, the man begins to treat his new ward as a foster son.
during the investigation, John manages to find out some information about the boy and find out why he is of such interest to the criminal world. However, even shocking details will not make the hero give up. Whether the man will be able to win a victory in unequal fight, after all he only the doctor?