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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
Initially, it may seem that before us the usual serial drama about the life of an ordinary person. Indeed, to meet someone" normal " Howard Silke is simply impossible. For the last thirty years he has been working in the Berlin branch of the secret service. For all this time the hero has not moved up the career ladder. Over the years, the man did not understand on what exactly the organization works and what is the meaning of the daily routine he performs. In his spare time, Howard visits his wife. A couple of years ago, as a result of a terrible accident, the woman fell into a coma and has since been in the hospital. But already to the final of the first episode the drama gives way to the fantastic Thriller. After a strange failure at the entrance of the snare is in the office of management. Talking with the boss, Howard learns that in the last century, scientists were able to find a corridor that unites two parallel worlds. As long as there are bloody wars in the real world, the alternative is to minimize the number of crimes. But this does not mean that the quality of life there is better: at the top of the power of intrigue, which adversely affects ordinary people, despite the high level of technology. Then in our dimension moves double Silke, trying to save both worlds from disaster, and Howard has to cooperate with him.

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