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  • Genres:
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Is it possible to escape from your past? This is a philosophical question, the answer to which is often negative. No exception and Max Easton-a former spy and commando, who ten years ago decided to quit the dangerous service. Together with his family – his beloved wife and children, Max moved to the French province, where he enjoyed life until recently. Everything changes when the main character of the series "secret power" learns that in Tehran died in his footsteps son, who worked for several years on the exploration. The tragic event radically changes Easton's attitude to life – he leaves the cozy province to personally avenge his son's death. Max is not going to contact the special services, but actively uses old connections to get to the right place. With the help of a friend from Mi-6 hero manages to go to Beirut, where he plans with the support of a liaison to go on the trail of the organization involved in the murder of his son. Simultaneously, his wife, Anna decides to make the investigation against her husband, about the present activities of which she never guessed. The information received by the woman puts herself and her daughters in serious danger.