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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The drama series is definitely worth the attention of fans of this genre, although it will seem to some viewers a little absurd because of the main character Arkady Balagan. According to the plot of the serial drama "End of the game" he is Russian, who escaped from Russia because of his own paranoia-the man is sure that Putin is almost personally following him because of his involvement in the "financing of democracy". But in Russian Arkady speaks with a terrible accent. However, absurd may seem only scenes related to the Russian: they know only a toast "for health", between themselves speak English, and when moving to Russian, I want to ask them to shut up. Throughout the rest of the series is only admiration, something reminiscent of the famous "Dr. house". Balagan is considered the best grandmaster in the world. He is a man very intelligent and erudite, but very arrogant that annoys all of his friends. The main events unfold at a time when the hero sees how to kill his bride. Crime happens nearby, where he settled Arkady, which he develops agoraphobia – now player never leaves his hotel room. And to earn money for a living, he begins to cooperate with the police, helping the guards to investigate crimes. What is most interesting, the hero does it while still staying in the hotel room.