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Gary Goodspeed was a loser of cosmic proportions. One day he fell in love with the beautiful Queen and decided to impress her, hijacking the spaceship brave " Guardians of infinity." Unfortunately the ambitious outsider, too far he has failed. The hero of the fantastic series "Space frontier" was caught at the crime scene, convicted and sent to serve his sentence in the farthest corners of the boundless Universe. In a ship-jail him were to serve the entire term in full alone. The only company Gary were not particularly friendly robots and harsh on-Board computer named Hugh. For years the poor guy started to literally climb the wall without live human interaction. Because when on Board accidentally got a cute green alien, the hero was incredibly happy. Even such a company seemed to him a gift from above, without which he would definitely go crazy. The guy called the" guest " gingerbread And quickly became attached to him. Suddenly it turned out, that for new friend get dangerous galactic villain Lord Commander. But imminent death scares Gary much less than the prospect of being alone again. He boldly opposes a formidable enemy to protect his newfound friend.