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During the middle Ages, the world was divided into kingdoms, and brave warriors, beautiful princesses and treacherous pirates met at every step. In one of such mythical countries lived an honorable knight Galavant. He avoided participation in the most brutal battles, but an exquisite courtesy in dealing with beautiful ladies were not alien to him. The young aristocrat was always ready to raise his sword in defense of the weak and destitute. In addition, fate has not deprived the hero of a beautiful appearance, remarkable strength and a kind of charisma. But here is in personal life a man not too fortunate. The lovely Madalena, with whom He was engaged, attracted the cruel king Richard. Despite the entreaties of the beauty, the envious monarch took her with him. The indignant groom goes after him, but the traitor has already been captivated by the glory and great wealth of the king, so she agreed to marry the kidnapper. Disappointed hero of the brave and attractive knight turns into a real drunkard and sinks to the bottom. Here he finds the Princess Isabella, who convinces his new friend not to give up and to continue the struggle for the heart of the lover and overthrow Richard. Together with the girl and cunning, but fearless and faithful squire sid Galavant goes on a dangerous journey to the Royal court. Will your friends be able to overcome all the traps set by the sworn enemy, and win the hard fight?