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  • Genres:
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  • Crime
Based on the eponymous bestseller of the 90s, the series tells us about miles Daly, who is looking for a new meaning of life after parting with his family. Six months ago, he broke up with his wife Katie because of his "work". The protagonist of the serial film "Get Shorty" together with a friend Louis Darnell works for Amara de Escalones – an influential gangster woman who runs a large casino in a small town in Nevada. Among other things, Amara controls all criminal markets of Nevada: receives payments from other dealers, "launders" money and indiscriminately eliminates competitors or those who refuse to work with it. One day Katie decided that she did not need a husband engaged in such activities, which she did not hesitate to tell miles, inviting him to temporarily part until he settles life. The hero is trying to change, but it is impossible to get away from Amara just like that. The man finds alternative when together with Louis carries out the next order. Trying to pick up 50 thousand of the writer-a loser, he assigns it to the project. As soon as miles got acquainted with the contents of the script, he realized how to solve all the problems. The hero offers Amara to invest two million dollars in the creation of the film. Thus, everyone should be satisfied: miles will get the position of producer and will be corrected in the eyes of his wife and daughter, and Amara will "clean" the next "dirty" money.

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