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In an alternative reality, the good old England of the early XIX century, when the world was shaken by the Napoleonic wars, is a very strange place. Here not only believe in magic, but also use it in everyday life. However recently the magic fell into the category of theoretical disciplines and is considered a nearly lost craft. But suddenly there is a mysterious Mr. Norrell, a provincial and very eccentric magician, who previously lived somewhere in the countryside in the North of the country. He became famous for making statues that adorn York Cathedral talk and move.
however, the grim sorcerer realizes that the magic powers are too powerful to be used for nothing. Therefore, he uses his gift only in the most extreme cases: when Britain needs to be saved from the invasion of the Napoleonic army or for an eminent member of the government who asked to revive his suddenly deceased bride. Gradually hero it acquires prominence in aristocratic and political circles. But once it comes to a young man who asks the disciples. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell are very different. The newcomer does not take the audacity and ambition, and he is ready for the most risky experiments, just to gain fame as the best magician of England. However, his mentor understands that the nature of Jonathan's gift is not like his, which can lead to great trouble. Besides, FAE, ancient magic people, wants to regain the world. Dangers await from all sides...