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Near future. The year 2046 was marked for a man to go beyond the Solar system. Moreover, one of the star systems located nearby (of course, by space standards) is studied as much as possible. One of the planets of the system are perfectly suitable for human life, so the power of the Earth decide to colonize it with settlers, who built a new house for their civilization. After careful analysis and necessary work on terraforming the most convenient of the planets there goes a huge transport ship, which has everything you need to settle, including several dozen brave colonists. The main part of the flight takes place without any difficulties, but next to the planet the ship is attacked, as a result of which the ship is wrecked. Most of the crew dies. Among the survivors are the main characters of the series "lost in space" - the Robinson family. Their lander does not get damaged and makes a successful landing. Unfortunately, this happens in an uninhabited part of the planet, causing the survival of the characters is a big question. In addition, when landing, the communication module is damaged, so the survivors have to rely only on themselves.

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