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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Based on real events, the multi-part film tells the story of the villains of an insidious criminal, for seventeen years, including moments of calm, terrorized America. Using ordinary mail, the villain sent people – completely different and not connected with each other-deadly devices that exploded when you open the parcel. As it turned out, the criminal was not some crazy, but a talented mathematician named Theodore Kaczynski. During the investigation, it became known that the man was a staunch anarchist and hated the government, corporations and modern society. Detective series "Hunting for Unabomber" tells the story of a man through whom the offender was behind bars. The enemy of the villain and the representative of the good side becomes FBI agent Jim, specializing in profiling – a method of drawing up a psychological portrait of the offender, excluding personal contact and involves only an analysis of all his actions. The main character, just graduated from the Academy, gets a unique chance to become famous: leading experts turn to him for help, as Jim was the most talented student. However, the profile is "weak spot" of the hero that he decides to hide from others and is taken for the investigation…