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The Medici family, consisting of a simple traders, who subsequently turn into a big clan. They begin to ignore all moral principles and have a significant impact on the spiritual revolution, the economy and culture. Because of this, the characters make a lot of enemies. The action series is set in the early fifteenth century in Northern Italy. The head of the family is Giovanni di Bichchi, who, disregarding the prohibitions of the Vatican, founded his own Bank. Later, this institution gains strength and makes the entrepreneur the most senior person in Florence. Quite unexpectedly, the founder of such a large business dies, and the Bank with the acquired property passes into the possession of his sons – Cosimo and Lorenzo. The brothers continue the work of his father and gradually find out what their dead relative, knowing that we are not talking about natural death. While blood brothers are trying to find out the truth, the enemies behind them are included in the new game, wanting to get the state of the late head of the clan. How can this turn out for the characters of the serial film "Medici: Lords of Florence", and how dangerous it is to have a huge amount of money?