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In 2015 BC, the world is ruled by despotic gods. But there are a few brave mere mortals who dare to challenge them. After all, it is hard to live under the oppression of tyranny, when for every word you say or the smallest offense can be followed by disproportionately heavy punishment. Soon a powerful deity was banished from Olympus in the dark and terrible secrets of the underworld. A young man named Hero goes on a dangerous journey to save the Oracle from the temple of the Gay goddess of the earth. At the same time he tries to reveal the mystery of his past, mysteriously connected with the ancient sacred mountain and its deposed inhabitants. Even the powerless gods have something to hide. The hero wants to get the key to immortality and become an all-powerful ruler of the world. In his travels he is accompanied by the beautiful Gaia and the Oracle.
A lot of the unknown awaits the brave ahead. Meetings with the powerful sorceress Medea, the skillful inventor Daedalus And other unusual personalities promise the Hero invaluable experience. On the way, he will face love, disappointment, anger, persecution. The Hero is hunted by terrible monsters, friends leave him at the crucial moment, cruel kings dictate their will, and vicious nymphs try to corrupt. From a noble idealist traveler turns into a ruthless avenger, who is alien to any feelings and who is ready to conclude a profitable, but unscrupulous deal with the gods themselves.