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  • Drama
The main character is a successful and talented surgeon, every day she has to save seriously ill people. For any case, she has a scientific explanation, and in any mysticism or existence of the other world, the woman does not believe. In addition, she is a convinced atheist and it seems that nothing can shake her beliefs. Preferring to devote herself to work, the heroine of the series "Proof" - 1 season devotes little time to their loved ones, resulting in their relationship can hardly be called ideal. A woman constantly swears with her husband, and her daughter generally prefers not to communicate with her mother. Soon in their family there is a tragic event-the second child of spouses dies. Each of the relatives is on the verge of despair, it further alienates them, and the heroine is all alone, not knowing with whom to share her thoughts.
Once upon a time, a mysterious old billionaire man comes to contact her, who is engaged in solving mystical mysteries. He is terminally ill with cancer and wants to reveal before his death long worried about his secret. A man is interested in such questions as the existence of God, how can you communicate with ghosts and is it true that the human soul does not die? The woman is skeptical, because she considers it all a mad idea of the unfortunate billionaire, but still agrees to help him. On the one hand, the heroine wants to help a sick man, and on the other – somewhere in the depths of her soul, she has hope to see her dead child.