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  • Drama
Not so long ago, Robert worked in the police and was there on a very good account. As a true professional in his field, he enjoyed the well-deserved authority of his colleagues and was almost not mistaken. Hero waiting for a brilliant career detective, but a ridiculous accident turns his whole life. Robert is included in the task force, which is tasked to protect an important witness. The last one is being hunted by a homicidal maniac. However, the human factor has not been canceled: the harsh policeman made a small mistake, and his ward was killed in torment. Robert for a long time can not forgive myself and to rid his guilt. Experiencing a serious personal crisis, he resigns and leaves for a remote province. Here, a former police officer is trying to regain interest in life and start all over again. But the past is not so easy to get rid of... When the old wounds have almost healed, and Robert plunged into the rural idyll, on the threshold of his house there was a former chief with a request that is extremely excited man. The boss asks the hero to remember his old skills and give shelter to a family of African Americans in his house. They are the main witnesses in the case of bloody serial murders, and their lives are now under direct threat. Robert reluctantly agrees, he can't refuse to help innocent people. But suddenly it turns out that their pursuer is not so much interested in the family as her voluntary bodyguard…