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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
Previously, Jimmy Pritchard was a brave Sheriff, but now he has long been retired, because the hero of the series "Second chance" 75 years. Although he would still be working if he wasn't kicked out in disgrace for tampering with evidence and pressuring witnesses. In fact, the man tried to cheat in order to send real criminals to jail, but the law is the law. Now the hero lives in an apartment with his son from his home he left after his wife's death. The main events of the series are developing at the moment when the son leaves a granddaughter of Jimmy out of town. On the same evening, two intruders, whom Mr. Pritchard finds in his son's office, break into his apartment. He's trying to apprehend the criminals, but they're much younger and stronger. As a result of it beat. The man wakes up already on the bridge from which criminals throw it down, imitating suicide. Jimmy saw their faces, so they can't let the hero live. In parallel with this, another storyline develops, telling the audience about an incredibly smart guy and his twin sister, who is sick with cancer. To save the girl from death, Otto decides to use the cells of the deceased Jimmy. Its genome is so unique that it is found in one person out of several million and allows you to fight all diseases, including cancer. Everyone will benefit: Pritchard not only alive, but also gets your body forty years ago. Waking up, he immediately escapes from the twins to find their killers... Will Jimmy come back to save Otto's sister, or is Marie beyond hope?

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