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In the late 80-ies of the last century in the Swedish province was committed brutal murder of a pregnant woman. Three guys surrounded the victim on the island Nonfoster, abused and intimidated her, and then buried it in the sand and left. The woman tried to escape from captivity, came to the rescue but the tide did not allow her to do so, and the sacrifice washed away the rapid flow. Later the dead body was found by local residents, the police threw all their forces to catch the criminals, but was unable to find enough evidence to identify the killers. Was also interviewed a little boy who witnessed a terrible massacre, but he could not intelligibly describe the appearance of scum. It is worth noting that the murder occurred on a special day when the Moon and the Sun are on the same level with the Earth. In such period there is adverse weather, huge waves of and often occur mystical events. What it is: a fatal combination of circumstances or perpetrators deliberately chose such an ominous day?
since more than twenty years have passed, the main character of the series "Tide" – the daughter of a local police officer – wants to raise the old archives and punish the killers. Suddenly she meets Tom-a former detective who investigated the case, but lost his job and now looks like an ordinary tramp. They join forces, and each pursues its own interests: the girl wants to protect the thesis on the basis of the solved case, and Tom intends to restore the lost reputation. Soon the city begins to wield a group of bandits attacking the homeless, so the life of a former detective is threatened. The heroine does not know yet that cooperation with Tom and work on a mystical case will change her life beyond recognition.