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A man named Angus invites his friends to come to Scotland, where they will be able to hunt deer and have fun. Friends gladly agree and gather at the appointed time. Each of the heroes is a held personality, they have wives, children and a good job. However, from the first minutes after meeting friends begin to go at each other's sarcastic jokes, from the side they resemble not friends, but bitter enemies. In this company, the most strange looks one man who dresses in a pink suit and behaves extremely ridiculous. He's the one who's been called the black sheep since he was a kid. However, soon the heroes of the series "deer Hunting" will have to forget about the jokes and entertainment, as in the forest will begin to occur strange and terrible events. Unknown psychopath everywhere placed deadly traps in which the characters fall instead of animals. Some friends have died, caught in the forest traps, and the remaining need to quickly get out of here, but it is very difficult. Who and why started such a cruel game with people? Can be, perpetrator-this one of them, who's taking revenge for past grievances? As the story progresses, the characters talk about their lives, share secrets, and apologize for bad deeds. Soon it becomes clear that each of the men was not here by chance...