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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
An ordinary British family goes to a major football championship, which takes place in a small French town. With a couple takes his little son, has long dreamed of seeing his favorite team. By the time the city turned into a real island of madness : crowds of angry fans running around the streets in anticipation of the upcoming match, hundreds of fans from different countries communicate in foreign languages and everywhere heard slogans of support.
Heroes of the series "Missing" try not to succumb to the panic and calmly consider the local attractions, go to shops and cafeterias. However, soon a football match ends with the victory of the French team, literally across the country you hear the roar of joy and jubilation, but at this moment the couple lost their only son. The search does not lead to anything good, the kidnappers did not leave any evidence, their motive is unclear. For what purpose was the boy kidnapped? After all, if it was stolen for ransom, why the criminals do not get in touch? Cooperation with the local police does not give any results, no one cares about the fate of a foreign boy. On this basis, the couple often begin to quarrel, after a while the woman gets a lover, and then leaves her husband.
eight years have passed since the sad events, but the child's father can not accept the loss and believes that the boy is alive. One day he receives information about the possible whereabouts of his son, and he again begins to search.