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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Los Angeles, these days. Young policeman Kyle Craig is an honest and brave man. Together with his partner, he patrols the streets, protecting the city from violence and crime. But the main mission of the Kyle – to find the bastards, a few years ago killed his father. Craig is a senior in the same way as the son, served in the police and before his death had to leave one clue is the number of the car his killers, recorded on the wrist. Ever since Kyle found out about his father's death, he's been doing everything he can to become a detective and start investigating his murder. For this, and also because Kyle himself-a man with a good heart and confidence that justice is worth fighting for – he does not spare himself, protecting civilians from crime. It scares Kyle's wife, worrying every time he goes into service.
in the 1st season, officer Craig and his partner, having left on call in one of the criminal districts of the city, face a critical situation. Risking his life, Kyle saves the child and becomes a local hero-the star of news channels. This act attracts the attention of Deputy police chief Locard, who makes Kyle a tempting offer. Officer awaiting promotion to detective exactly what he wanted, but Craig has to give consent to participate in a dangerous undercover operation. His task-to become a partner of Frank Rourke, the best investigator of the Department, the detective, which in Los Angeles are not the most pleasant rumors. Lockard suspects Frank of corruption, and Kyle must find out how legitimate his methods of investigation. The first day of work with Frank will be a test for a novice detective, because such tough ways to deal with the criminal world Craig is not used. Meanwhile, Rourke is ready to give the new partner a few good lessons, because he is sure that the dangerous gangs with which they have to deal, get out of control, if you do not show the criminals who is in charge.